Two of my children attended SOCNS and we had a wonderful experience that they still talk about to this day. The freedom to explore and play, as well as the social skills they learned from Teacher Tammy were the best aspects of their time in preschool. They have gone on to be very successful in grade school and I attribute it to a strong social foundation learned at the Sherman Oaks Cooperative Nursery School.
— Ana Dziengal 2012-2014
My years at SOCNS were the most memorable of my kids’ lives so far, and mine too - educationally speaking. It was the school without walls. It was the garden school. It was a school that helped kids blossom.
— Hilde Garcia 2010
When our oldest child started at the co-op we had no family or friends with children in the area. We had very little clue regarding what it means to take care of a child and offer the structure and support they need as they go through the developmental phases of the preschool years. 4 years later, we have graduated 2 kids from the co-op and I couldn’t be more happy or grateful that our kids are going into elementary school with this strong, loving, play-based, educational foundation. Teacher Tammy is unflagging in her love and advocacy for the kids and her support of the parents as they navigate the arrival of new siblings, new jobs, moving, boo boos, conflict, celebrations, and all the other foreseen and unforeseen challenges of family life. We are forever changed by our time and participation in the co-op family. I have no doubt that my husband and I learned just as much, if not more than our two children during their co-op years. We learned about patience, listening, redirection and conflict mediation. We are both more confident and capable parents.We loved the time we spent not only with our own kids, but also all the other kids. The support of our co-op friends continues to buoy us along through flu season, childcare emergencies, summer break and life in general. The co-op was just what our young family needed.
— Amy Shelton-White, David Zelina 2013 - 2017

SOCNS will always hold a very special place in our hearts with the grounded wisdom of Teacher Tammy who had an exceptional way of making every child feel safe and unique. We loved the large outdoor space where children had the freedom to explore activities that interested them or where they could just play with first friends. Being outside also allowed for many memorable moments such as the surprise visits from a bunny who was always greeted with squeals of delight. An extraordinary experience for both parents and children was building vegetable gardens and sharing the wonder of seeing plants grow into food. The children were thrilled to pick tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and snap peas for snack time and enjoy their fresh harvest together. Many times, people walking in the park would stop and relate how they were inspired by the school's gardens and built their own. SCONS was built on the idea of a Cooperative, but grew into a community with a much wider impact. It not only is a model for the Sherman Oaks area, but provides a deep understanding of what a community can be that each parent and child takes with them into the world.


SOCNS is a one of a kind preschool. There are plenty of (free) play opportunities or kids. Teacher Tammy is an amazing Teacher who builds a lasting relationship with each child. My oldest who graduated last year still talks about TT all the time and frequently mentions how much she learned in preschool. All three of my kids transitioned very quickly when they started preschool and always looked forward to going there. We value the positive learning environment SOCNS provides for both parents and kids and are fortunate to be a part of the preschool.

SADAF SEHATI 2014 - 2018

My 2 older children attended this school from 2012-2016 and in the fall of 2017 my youngest will also attend. This should be a testament to how much this school means to me and my family. And we are not alone! We love everything about this early education environment. The director,Teacher Tammy, is AMAZING first and foremost. The grounds are natural, clean and fun for the kids to explore. The curriculum is age appropriate and fun for young kids. There is so much love, kindness and support from all the families that have been involved and it attracts a great crowd of people. I highly recommend this school if you're looking to be involved in your child's first educational experience. It really aids them in preparing for Kindergarten and beyond.   

Marc Blackwell 2012-2016, 2017-2018

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. We are finishing up our second year here and could not be happier. The co-op experience is not for everyone, but if you want to be in the front row for your child's education this is a great place to be. Teacher

Tammy is the heart of the school. I often ask myself in trying times with my kids, "What would Teacher Tammy do?". I have often described this school as magical, and I truly believe it is!

Rebecca Allen 2012-2014

The Sherman Oaks Cooperative Nursery School (SOCNS) is a remarkable, magical environment. The moment I first toured the school in 2008 and met Teacher Tammy I knew it was the school for my family. My son spent 2009-2012 at the school and this past year (2016) I returned with my daughter. As the name states, the school is a cooperative and requires support from the parents to function. Everyone has a work day during which they act as a teacher's aid. There are meetings to attend and fundraisers to participant in. No doubt, it is more work than dropping your kid off and driving away but the rewards can't be beat. You get to be a part of your child's education and as a parent ou learn how to be a better parent. You work closely with the other families who become your good friends - its like a little family. Moreover, the environment is amazing -- a 14,000 sq. foot yard with a vegetable garden, trees, play structures, sand and dirt! This is an outdoor preschool so the entire focus is based around our surrounding environment. This is a school where kids can get dirty and run around and explore. Collect bugs, jump in puddles and have circle time while the birds fly overhead. There is also an indoor classroom and cute sheds that house the reading room, pretend play/dress up and the office.Teacher Tammy works closely with your family during separation and is an expert at helping novice parents navigate this challenging process. She also has a way of working with children that is simply angelic. My son couldn't have been happier during his preschool years and the progress that he made socially and intellectually was truly remarkable. Now at age ten, he still has many of the same friends he met at the preschool and they all still talk about their time at SOCNS.

Ajna Burke 2009-2012, 2016-2018