Our Programs

SOCP is a developmental preschool, which means we believe all children are unique and that children grow and change at different rates. We strive to meet each child where s/he is on the developmental continuum, honoring their individual interests and learning styles to inform our teaching.    SOCP is a play-based preschool, which means we believe that young children learn best when given many opportunities for open-ended, free play.  A play-based environment enables children to gain self-understanding, expand creative expression, build essential problem-solving skills, connect with peers and explore the world around them while developing the foundational social and emotional skills essential to success in life.  SOCP is child-centered/child-directed, which means that children are active participants in determining the direction of learning.  We are attuned to the children’s interests as well as to external factors, which may grab their attentions and imaginations.   We provide hands-on curriculum and encourage a ‘can-do’ outlook.  We value kindness and seek to model and build empathy in the children.  We believe that educating children is best accomplished in partnership with parents.   Staff and parents act as facilitators and guides in the students’ active learning.   We value the process of learning over the product.

Parent & Me

One of our newest programs, Parent & Me provides families and their children ages 18 month - 36 months an opportunity to learn, play, and share together at SOCP.

Kids in Art Class


The heart of Sherman Oaks Cooperative Preschool, our preschool program is centered around the philosophy that children learn through play, that a strong community of children and adults uplift us all, and that nature is critical is growing independent, kind, and creative children.